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Why Rinocote your pressed metal tile roof?

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  • The original factory applied chip coating on your tiles break down over time, exposing the underlying steel.
  • When left exposed, white and red rust will occur.
  • Licensed Roof Doctor technicians are trained to walk on roofs with care. If walked on incorrectly, these tiles will become dented and damaged. 
  • Weathered, rusty and dented tiles look horrible, cause leaks and devalue your home.
  • If left unprotected these roofs break down to the point of needing replaced.
  • Some decramastic tiles contain traces of asbestos. Replacing these roofs is an expensive process as licensed specialists are required to remove and dispose of the asbestos containing tiles. Costly replacement is not necessary as Rinocote Roof Armour will encapsulate the asbestos and resurface the tile.

  • Don’t wait till it’s too late! Renew your roof with Rinocote Roof Armour now! It will protect and beautify your roof giving you peace of mind for the future, adding value and saving your existing roof from becoming landfill.

Thick Flexible Membrane

Superior Adhesion


15 Year Product Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Rinocote Roof Armour?

Rinocote Roof Armour is a super tough, long-life roof membrane that will beautify your home, add value, and protect your roof against New Zealand’s harsh climate and extreme conditions for decades to come.


Rinocote has four unique roof membrane systems that can be applied to a range of substrates including: pressed metal tile, concrete tile and galvanised iron/faded steel.


For optimal performance and longevity, each roof type requires a specific coating system. Avoid companies who offer “ordinary paint” as the one solution for all roof types.


Rinocote is applied approximately 150% thicker than ordinary paint, providing optimal protection for your roof.

Is Rinocote Expensive?

No, renewing your roof in Rinocote Roof Armour generally works out to be half the price of a new total roof replacement, and in most cases not a lot more expensive than an average ordinary paint job.

Will this add value to my home?

Absolutely! A home with an attractive roof in good condition will sell more quickly and at a higher value than a house with a roof in poor condition.

Your roof is approximately a third of the exterior of your home and if not maintained will require costly replacement.


Many homeowners will renew their roof with Rinocote Roof Armour prior to selling their homes so they can price them at the top end of the market.

Will you repair my roof before the Rinocote is applied?

Yes, all roof substrates are repaired and cleaned before Rinocote Roof Armour is applied.

The full price of all the necessary repairs will be included in our quote.

Does Rinocote have a guarantee?

Yes, Rinocote Roof Armour comes with a 15 year product manufacturers warranty.

Terms and conditions apply.

How long will it take to Rinocote my roof?

The Rinocote application process largely depends on the size and complexity of the roof and also the weather.

Typically an average sized residential pressed metal tile roof can take up to three weeks to complete the entire process, including installation and removal of site safety equipment. If the pressed metal tiles contain asbestos the process will take longer as extra care is needed.

For more information on the Rinocote Roof Armour process, click here.

Who can apply Rinocote?

Roof Doctors are the exclusive applicators of Rinocote Roof Armour systems in New Zealand. 

Can I change the colour of my roof?

Yes you can! This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home.

Rinocote comes in many colours ranging from old favourites to the latest available.

Please discuss your options with your Roof Doctor, we are happy to assist. 

Is Rinocote Roof Armour environmentally friendly?

Yes, all Rinocote Roof Armour systems have no VOC and are fully acrylic.

Rinocote’s manufacturer Ironbark Technology Ltd. is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Do you provide scaffolding?

Yes, we provide scaffolding, fall protection or anchor points and harness as the situation requires.

Is this safe to use on my roof if I'm on tank water?

Yes, however you must disconnect the water tank throughout the process and leave it disconnected for at least 4 rainfalls (minimum 40ml per rainfall) post-application.

Can you replace my spouting?

Yes, please let us know if you would like us to include this in your quote.

When inspecting your roof if we find that your spouting is in poor condition, we will let you know and recommend a replacement.

The Process

Our dedicated customer support team will ensure you’re kept up to date with the progress of your roof.

Step 1 - Site Safety

We will complete a full site safety analysis, arrange for powerlines to be wrapped and fall protection to be installed where required  to complete the Rinocote Roof Armour application. If the tiles are found to have asbestos, the site will be set up as per our Asbestos Management Plan.

Step 2 - Blitzit Hyper Clean

Blitzit Hyper Clean will be applied to the roof surface to treat and remove moss/mold, lichen and grime. Once Blitzit is applied it can take up to 4 weeks to kill the growth before the roof is rinsed down. Some asbestos containing tiles may require two Blitzit treatments.

Step 3 - Softwash

The roof surface will be rinsed down ensure its totally clean and free of contaminants before the Rinocote Roof Armour is applied.

Step 4 - Repairs

All dented tiles will be popped out or replaced. All defective ridges, flashings and valleys will be repaired or replaced where required. 

✓ Quality Check – Substrate Preparation

Step 5 - Surface Rust Treatment

Rust treatment will be applied to primer and neutralize any areas of red or white surface rust. 

Step 6 - Rinocote Roof Armour Texture Coat Application

Rinocote Roof Armour texture coat will be applied to the tile surface to create a uniform finish.

Step 7 - Rinocote Roof Armour Application

Rinocote Roof Armour is then applied to lock in the new texture to the tile surface at the required thickness.

✓ Quality Check – Final Sign-off

Step 8 - Clean up and removal of site safety equipment

Once the Rinocote application is complete, your site will be left clean and tidy followed by the removal of all site safety equipment.

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