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Why Blitzit?

Otago southland Commercial and Residential Exterior Softwash Service

  • Moss, mould, lichen and grime will cause damage to your property and if left untreated will reduce the life span of the substrate it’s attached to.
  • Blitzit is a soft wash/low pressure system that will penetrate, kill and remove organic growth on your properties exterior.
  • Blitzit will not only remove unwanted harmful surface growth, it will prevent them from coming back!
  • Unlike traditional pressure washing, Blitzit soft wash will not damage the surface its applied to. Once Blitzit has dried it will not leave behind harmful residue, in fact it will turn into salt.
  • Soft washing with Blitzit is a fast and cost effect way to clean and maintain the exterior of any residential or commercial property, roofs, paths, driveways and carparks.
  • Don’t wait till it’s too late! Get a Blitzit treatment now to maintain, clean and beautify your property saving it from future deterioration.

Residential Roofs & Exteriors

Commercial Exteriors

Carparks, Driveways & Paths

Maintenance Saves Costly Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to softwash?

This depends on the type, size and scope of the job.

Average Roof: 1-3 hours

Average Building Exterior: Up to 1 day

Average Driveway: 1-3 hours

Average Carpark: Up to 1 day

How long will it take to remove the moss and mould?

A Blitzit Softwash treatment will immediately work to eradicate moss, mould and other organic growths.

Once applied, it will take up to 3-4 months for the wind and rain to wash away the remaining growth.

How long does it last?

On average, surfaces will remain free from new growth for 2 years post treatment.

Results may vary due to substrate type and environmental factors.

Can you Blitzit during wet or windy weather?

No, Blitzit must only be applied in dry conditions and must have 4 hours of dry weather post-application.

Will you walk on my roof?

Typically Blitzit can be applied without walking on your roof.

If required, we will provide safe access and fall protection equipment.

Can you Blitzit my multilevel commercial property?

Yes, our equipment can reach most places on any light commercial property.

Occasionally, we may need to provide safe access and fall protection equipment.

Is it safe to use if I'm on tank water?

Yes, however you must disconnect the water tank throughout the process and leave it disconnected for at least 4 rainfalls (minimum 40ml per rainfall) post-application.

Do I have to be home?

No, the work can be completed whether you are home or not. 

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