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Rinocote™ Roof Armour

Renew and restore your roof

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Metal roofing on residential and commercial buildings

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If you’re looking for the best cost effective roof solution then we have the answers!

Have you been told that your existing roof needs replacing? Ask us for a second opinion before you rip it off and convert it to landfill.

Save money and increase the value of your home by Renewing your existing roof in Rinocote™ roof Armour!

If your roof is beyond repair, we can Re-Roof your home in the style and colour of your choice complete with our exclusive Roof Doctors 8 year “No worries” Workmanship Warranty.    

We are Experts in cost-effective long-life solutions, that renew your roof, save you money and save our Environment!


Rinocote™ Roof Armour comes in an extensive range of ultra-high build, Long life protective Membrane systems that provide a new thick flexible film over your entire roof no matter what type of roof you have!

Rinocote™ Roof Armour is super tough! and is formulated using nano technology for New Zealands harsh climate and extreme conditions providing exceptional adhesion, powerful rust inhibitors and outstanding UV resistance protecting your roof against the elements!

Rinocote™ Roof Armour comes in 16 of the latest roof colours.

The Difference:

  • Unlike a number of roof coating products that offer one acrylic roof paint for all roofs, Rinocote™ Roof Armour has a unique Protective Membrane System specifically designed for each different roof type!
  • Rinocote™ Roof Armour provides a thick flexible Membrane over your entire roof using around 120 Litres membrane coats on a concrete tile roof.
  • A tradesman painter applying two coats of reputable roof paint will normally use up to 45L of paint.
  • On average we spread 150% more product on your roof.

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