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"Why replace your Roof? When the Roof Doctors have repair solutions and Protective Membrane Treatments for all roofs!" 

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Roof Doctors™

The Roof Doctors™ provide Free Roof Checks and expert advice. We have repair solutions and Protective Membrane Treatments for all roofs including Concrete and Pressed Metal Tiles, Iron, Faded Colour Steel and Asbestos.

We have a different Protective Membrane System and repair strategy for each roof type unlike a number of roof coating companies that offer one acrylic roof paint for all roofs.

Ironbark Technology™ are a specialist protective coatings manufacturer who have developed Rinocote Protective membrane systems in partnership with the Roof Doctors. The Roof Doctors™ are the exclusive suppliers of the Rinocote™ Protective Membrane Systems in New Zealand.

Have you been told that your roof needs replacing? Get a second opinion before you rip it off and convert it to landfill. The Roof Doctors™ are Experts in cost-effective long-life solutions, that save your roof, save you money and save our Environment!

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Concrete Tile Roofs
Rinocote - Ceramicoat System
Pressed Metal Tile Roofs
Rinocote - Elastotex System
Galvanised Iron Roofs
Rinocote - Galvcoat System
Colour Steel Roofs
Rinocote - Steelcoat System
Bio Cleans
Rinocote - Bio Clean
Rinocote Protective Membrane Systems